Learning SEO: 4 Reasons It’s Now a Must for Freelance Online Writers
Do you think it's possible to not have a cell phone these days? I'm not saying that you need to own an iPhone however, can you think of a person who don't own the basic phone? Not many, right? This can be said about the course in learning how to write SEO writing content for a job as a freelance writer. I learned - and added the writing of search engine optimized content to my arsenal of skills in the year 2007. and boy am I happy I did it, for the reasons listed below. I. Make Yourself Different from Others The ability to write SEO content sets you apart from your competitors because it's new to many online writers who haven't had the opportunity to understand what this type of SEO bureau writing is all about. Have you ever looked at the specifications for many of the online jobs lately? You'll see requirements like A working knowledge of SEO best practices an advantage; experience with content management systems; working understanding of search engine optimization; know how to create content that attracts traffic, and social media writing skills are a bonus; etc. The entire set of skills you acquire when you learn SEO copywriting - and it sets you apart from freelancers who do not know what this form of technical writing is about. II. Qualified for More Jobs By leveraging the last aspect, you could be able to zoekmachine optimalisatie bureau apply for - and get - a lot more jobs when you have this skill. There's no reason to ignore those opportunities whenever you see them advertised online or wonder what they're really talking about when they say things like anchor text or on-page SEO. You'll know! III. High Earning Capability The 2012 average salary of "Writers writers and authors" According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics was $55,940 per year. The minimum education required as per the website was a Bachelor's Degree. Compare this to SEO writing, where the average salary as of this year's writing (Winter 2014) is $66,000 according jobs sites such as SimplyHired. It is possible to  and get started on the path to a a lucrative, online writing career in as little as a week - really! IV. Recession-proof, Work from Home Job The outlook for employment in the field of "Writers and Authors" as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics site for the upcoming 10 years (2012-2022) was slower than the Zoekmachine marketing bureau average for all occupations- 3 percent. Compare that with the employment outlook for SEO content creators. It's growing faster than unwelcome plant life in a well-tended garden. Proof? A 2012 study conducted by New York-based technology company Conductor found a 112% year-on-year rise in demand for professionals who list SEO titles and skills for their LinkedIn profile (which also includes SEO authors], with pay packages going up to $94,000. The reason isbecause search engine optimization is the process by which companies are found on the internet. If you're able to assist companies in this way, they'll reward you an astronomical amount for it. And as Google and its algorithmic modifications aren't going to be going away anytime in the near future, if you keep up on their guidelines, you'll be an in-demand online writer (ie, create a recession-proof business for yourself). The Author's Bio:Yuwanda"Black Heads" New Media Words, an SEO writing firm. She also is the author of a blog that is specialized in this kind of technical writing - SeoWritingJobs. She says, "With the right SEO copywriter training [http://www.seowritingjobs.com/learn-seo-in-negril-jamaica], anyone can start a high-earning, home-based career as this type of online writer. Mrs. Black has also authored over 50 ebooks, many that cover a specific aspect of writing this type of content. They are available in major stores such as Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble, in addition to her personal website(s).

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