Top Secret to Making Money Blogging
In the past, making money from blogging was not a possibility to many bloggers as only a few were capable of tapping into this online earning potential through the help of blogs. Are you still in that state of imagination about earning money from blogging? If so, you must get up from your worry because making it is now easier than ever before with the help of effective and cheap tool online. Anyone who has a blog can really make thousands if not millions of dollars every month, but the reality is that just a handful of bloggers have managed to ensure that their return is guaranteed. use of knowledge is the key to success! So, I'm guessing that's the case? There are many bloggers getting noticed in the blogging industry; On the other hand, some are not why because they have laid hold to the same information I'm about to reveal to you. My question is: What is your personal stats? Do you have an online blog? Are you making much money via your blog? If the answer is yes, then! Yes!! Yes!!! That's great! But if no, then you need to check out the other parts of this article as I'll show you the easiest way to earn money online through my blog. There are different ways one can earn money with a blog, but I'll focus on the simple one and I hope you follow along with me as I guide you. For more detail please visit:- 1. Draw out your blogging plan Create your blog plan If you're looking to make money blogging then you must draw out your blog plan extremely well. Because success requires a strategy to be followed, So grab your pen and paper and list some of the things you would like to keep on your blog. Make a list of the kind of blog you'd like to have and make your own list of subjects you'd like to write about (music, health, relationship auto, relationship e.t.c). It's all about sharing what you are passionate about and want to share; you also should write down the type of people you'd like to reach as your target audience. This is essential because it's a road map to your success. 2. Visit a few blogs: you need to take the time to visit other blogs that are in the same niche (field) and see what they write about. Take a look at their basic blog features, remember that you are not the only one blogging or the first blogger to start a blog. many others are ahead of your time and you have to take what they have done and more. You need to remove every doubt about your ability to succeed as you will be able to see some amazing blogs and you'll be amazed at the work they're accomplishing. Rome was not constructed in a single day! 3. Create your blog: this is one simple step, and i would recommend free blogs (sub-domain) like blogger for beginners since it's simple and free and also let your blog's URL be relevant to your area of expertise (if you're blogging about health let you blog website name). 4. Make your website more unique and design it to your liking: there is not thing more satisfying than knowing that your blog is looking beautiful. You don't have to leave your blog with its default theme as it's not going to fit your blog niche. Customizing your blog is crucial as it makes your blog stand out from the other blogs. It also increases your readers' interest in your blog. Your blog will also appear look professional. You can alter the look of his blog by using templates or editing the HTML text of the template used for blogs. this can be done by anyone who is knowledgeable about design for blogs. If you're looking to change the look of your blog, you can give it to any honest blogger who can assist with the design , and make a few dollars for the task. 5. Search engine optimization (SEO): this popular phrase in the blogging world can be quite difficult if properly done. SEO is the act of optimizing your blog's appearance to get seen and claw by search to make it appear on the search engine. There are various ways of making this happen, and you need to create your meta tag along with your blog's description, as well as back linking. You can search other site for full tutorial on this subject. 6. Content: Article content is the king! It is essential to write good quality articles, and then post on your blog as well as post on directories for articles, this will improve your blog's Page Rank and blog's traffic. 7. Advertisement and Affiliate Marketing is the real thing that can make one make money. Signing up to the Google AdSense programme is very profitable, as are affiliate programs. Google AdSense is designed for publishers (blog owners) to enable them make money through ads (adverts) put on their blogs. The cash earned is the result of the clicks that a user makes when they visit your site. These clicks then are converted into cash and the money paid by check at the end of each monthly month. This is done by Google international.  

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