Senior Fitness Editor Brett Williams, NASM, first demoed this package, which includes a stand-up heavy bag, floor mat, wraps, gloves, and trackers, back in 2021. According to him, the heavy bag is hands down the best freestanding punching bag he’s used.

“FightCamp continues to hold up as the best free-standing punching bag I’ve ever used, almost three years after my first punch,” he explains.

“I keep it in my yard under a tarp, and it’s just as effective as if it were in my living room. I don’t always use the app to take classes, but any time I need to let off steam, I know it’s there for me to kick.”

The bag ring it sits on (a small circular mat with plastic rails connected by heavy-duty velcro) helps to ensure that it doesn’t slide all over the place once the strikes begin to fly, a common issue with other bags.

The brains of the platform are actually in the smallest piece of gear included in the set, according to him. Users slot the tiny tracking devices into the provided hand wraps worn under the gloves, and the gadgets log every punch you throw during a workout via the connected app. (You can spring for a set that adds extra wraps and a pair of gloves, or this option that includes only wraps, trackers, and membership to the platform.)

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