Required Snark writes: Acer is selling computers in Russia even though they claimed they would abide by the Taiwanese government’s commitment to the international embargo on western technology. The sales are through their Swiss subsidiary Acer Sales International SA. This subterfuge means Acer’s position is nominally true even while they are breaking the embargo. Neither Russian, Swiss or Taiwanese government officials would comment on the report. According to Reuters, “Taiwan-based computer manufacturer Acer supplied at least $70.4 million worth of computer hardware to Russia between April 8, 2022 and March 31, 2023.”

The actions aren’t illegal because the shipments originated outside Taiwan, circumventing Taipei’s sanctions against Russia. “Nor did they involve items restricted at the time of export by Switzerland’s sanctions regime, which mirrors that of the European Union,” adds Reuters. It does, however, contradict the company’s statement on April 8 last year when it said it would “suspend its business in Russia.”

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