“I keep reading and hearing about calls for regulations on artificial intelligence,” writes long-time Slashdot reader bartoku , “and it pisses me off.”

“I want more so called artificial intelligence, not less, and I do not want it to be regulated, filtered, restricted in anyway.”

I love that Deep Fakes are now available to the masses, and I stopped believing anything is real in 1997 after Hoffman and De Niro scared me in ” Wag the Dog“.

I love automation and I want more of it; robots please take my job. I want robots to go fight wars for me instead of our sons.

Surveillance is already terrifying, adding “Artificial Intelligence” does not really make it that much more scary; we all need to just starve the system of our personal data anyway. All the other arguments like crashing economic systems and discrimination just seemed to be based on stupid “Artificial Intelligence” hooked up to something it should not be…

Please scare me, or vote on your favorite sci-fi “Artificial Intelligence” scenario. I will be being boring and hope we can have a “good” Matrix; one where I am rich and sexy.
The original submission notes that they posed this question to ChatGPT — and to Google — but “I did not get a single compelling answer.”

So share your own thoughts in the comments: why should this Slashdot user be afraid of AI?

NOTE: Though they didn’t feel it conveyed the right tone, they also submitted their original post to Microsoft’s Bing AI, which delivered this rewrite:

What are the real dangers of artificial intelligence? I am not convinced by the common arguments against it, such as regulation, deep fakes, automation, war, surveillance, economic disruption, or discrimination. I think these are either exaggerated or solvable problems. I actually want more artificial intelligence in my life, not less. Can you give me some compelling reasons why I should be afraid of artificial intelligence? Or what are some sci-fi scenarios that you find plausible or interesting? Personally, I would like a Matrix-like simulation where I can live out my fantasies.

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