An electric chainsaw is powerful enough to help you clean up fallen tree limbs, prep firewood, and perform general upkeep of your property—all without the maintenance of a gas-powered alternative. As a bonus, an electric motor is much quieter, so you shouldn’t disturb your neighbors or surrounding habitats (too much). If you want a fast, efficient way to dice up wood, the Ego Power+ CS1803 18-inch Electric Chainsaw is 33 percent off on Amazon.

Ego Power+ CS1803 18-In. 56-Volt Cordless Chainsaw

Ego Power+ CS1803 18-In. 56-Volt Cordless Chainsaw

Now 33% Off

What we like about this one is it offers features similar to those that made our list of the best electric chainsaws. Like the Ego model our testers recommend, the CS1803 18-Inch Electric Chainsaw has a high-efficiency brushless motor that offers 11,000 rpm to tackle heavy-duty jobs, as well as a sturdy handle and a guard to prevent you from getting pelted by debris.

The chainsaw delivers the power equivalent to a 45cc engine, allowing you to make light work of fallen tree limbs and stumps. Ego also claims you get up to 220 cuts on lumber that’s 4 by 4 inches when you use the included 4.0 amp-hour battery, allowing you to get a lot of work done on a single charge. As a bonus, the 56-volt battery is compatible with other Ego products, including lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and string trimmers.


The CS1803 also features a tool-free dial for precise tensioning of the chain. Two other important safety features: metal bucking spikes to provide a solid grip in the wood to prevent the chainsaw from bouncing or slipping, and LED lights to illuminate your cuts.

This chainsaw kit comes with one 4.0 amp-hour battery and a charger, giving you everything you need to finally take out any stumps in your yard.

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