Image: Lucasfilm

Order 66 is one of Star Warsmost defining moments—even before we knew its name and the intricacies of its machinations, we have known since the very beginning of the saga that there were once thousands of Jedi Knights, only for them to be systemically eradicated by the Empire. But even as Star Wars has detailed this moment more and more, it’s also revealed more and more Jedi that slipped through the Empire’s grip.

The more contemporary Star Wars media interacts with the time of the prequels, and even moreso the interstitial years now known as the Reign of the Empire, the more it cannot resist the allure of either introducing a new Jedi that escaped the Order’s downfall, or revealing that a familiar face survived the great purge. It’s a number that has been growing for years and years—both before and after the reboot of continuity that came with Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm—and will likely continue to grow the more we chart this turning point in the Star Wars galaxy.

Naturally, as we’re going to be covering a lot of Star Wars media—from games to comics and books to TV shows—there are going to be some spoilers, including for even recent Star Wars releases, about the fates and returns of certain characters. Click through if you dare…

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