The new sensation allowed me to play with different angles and toy placement that I hadn’t considered before, and I found myself loving the way I could move the mouth of the toy around without diminishing my pleasure. Most suction vibrators need to seal themselves around your clit to keep the stimulation going, but the Sona was so powerful that no sealing was necessary. In fact, moving it around and exploring the different parts of my clit felt, well…mind-blowing.

My favorite part of the experience, though? After I slowly edged my way into my most intense (and perhaps longest!) orgasm ever, I was able to keep going and try for a second. After orgasming, my clit is usually too overstimulated to try for another, but because of the deeper orgasm, my stimulation just felt incredible instead of painful. The result of pushing through my twitching legs was a grand finale second orgasm that was so powerful I’m pretty sure I pulled my hamstring from it. Had I not had an awkwardly uncomfortable muscle cramp, though, I might have tried for a third. That’s how intense and amazing my orgasm was. I didn’t black out from pleasure à la my Tracy’s Dog fav, but I experienced something just as good: a slow-building and never-ending stream of pleasure that never dropped in intensity and never combusted to the point of discomfort. Unlike other orgasms, which leave you with an eruption of volcanic pleasure, this kind of stimulation was powerful but steady, more like floating in a pit of hot lava. I didn’t know that I needed gentle sonic waves instead of conventional vibrations, but as one reviewer stated, “There are times when you realize you don’t know you’re missing something until you have it,” and that’s exactly how I feel about my experience with the Sona 2 Cruise. In fact, it might become my new go-to toy.

I’m loath to admit when I am wrong, but — I can do it. So, I’ll tell you without a doubt: the hype is real. This “clitorally mindblowing” toy did actually blow my mind when it came to learning about the intensity of pleasure I could push myself to, and it is definitely a top contender when it comes to clitoral stimulation.

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