Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 team has announced that it will be sanctioning players who used an exploit in the game’s new Descent mode to gain unfair amounts of XP and SHD levels. Sanctioned players will be temporarily suspended, and repeat offenders may find their accounts permanently banned.

“We are aware that certain players have been exploiting a bug in the game that allowed players to join another player already in Descent through the Ubisoft Connect interface and gain unfair amounts of XP and SHD levels,” the announcement read, adding that the team has “identified individuals who have systematically used the exploits.”

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Players who have used the exploit will find themself on a two week suspension starting immediately. Sanctioned players will also have their accounts flagged, resulting in longer suspension periods for future infractions, with repeat offenders at risk of being permanently banned from playing The Division 2.

Players who used the exploit to progress in the game will also see their illegitimate progression rolled back, “causing all account progress through the exploit to be reset.” The team added that this measure is important to “ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and compete on a level playing field.”

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