The Pixel Fold is Google’s alternative for consumers tired of Samsung’s dominance in the foldable segment, and it seems to tick all the boxes. The foldable phone is set to take on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and its soon-to-be-released sequel, though it is still prohibitively expensive for many at $1,800. While Google didn’t reveal at last month’s I/O conference when the Pixel Fold would start shipping, its preorder page indicated that the device would be available on June 27. However, it appears that the phone’s delivery dates have been delayed.


A number of users shared on Twitter that their Pixel Fold’s shipping date has been pushed back by a few weeks. According to some tweets, the phone’s delivery date has been moved from June 27 to July 3–7.

But this doesn’t seem to be the first time Google has delayed shipping. 9to5Google reports that the date was pushed back to between June 28 and July 7 for several buyers earlier this week.

Google seems to have started changing the handset’s shipping dates at the beginning of June. At least one user revealed that the estimated delivery date for their Pixel Fold has been pushed back to July 25 at the very least, nearly a month later than the original June 27 to June 30 estimate.

In some states, like New York, the earliest expected shipping date is between August 2 and August 10 for purchases made today. The same estimate is being shown for ZIP codes in Germany.

In addition to being available directly from Google, the Pixel Fold will be sold in all three major US carriers’ stores. Verizon, for example, will begin accepting preorders on June 20. Meanwhile, AT&T and T-Mobile have yet to announce preorder or release date information for the phone.

Google may be having difficulty producing enough Pixel Fold units. If the Fold is indeed experiencing shipment delays, Google will suffer a setback because it will give its competitors a head start in the foldable race. For instance, Motorola is set to begin shipping the Razr+ on June 23.

Samsung, on the other hand, is expected to launch its next Galaxy Z Fold and Flip models in late July, giving Google a month’s window to get its product to market. Otherwise, a delay in the Pixel Fold shipping could hurt the company’s market share.

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