The intricacies of nostalgia-induced shopping should be thoroughly studied. One moment, you’re toggling between a million and one tabs, then in the next, some unseen force summons a random item that you may or may not need to add to your cart simply because it reminds you of some past moment when all seemed right with the world. Or you encounter an item you longed for as a child and feel passionately about owning as an adult. My latest encounter with this particular sensation occurred when I laid eyes on the Crosley Retro Outdoor Furniture Set on Amazon.

Crosley Retro Outdoor Furniture Set

As someone who routinely schedules outdoor meditative sessions, I prefer to do mine from the comfort of a charming yet durable chair and table that supports contemplative arm-resting and face-propping. And one that reminds me of never-ending summertimes at grandmas? Even better. This Crosley set seems a suitable companion for backyard zoning out, reminiscing, lounging, chatting, tea-sipping, and the like, and here’s why:

As a visual person, the seven lively shades immediately lured me in: In addition to the lilypad-like key lime green, there’s grasshopper green, aqua, an all-red trio, a red chair and white table combo, sky blue, and white. The cantilevered chairs showcase Crosley’s knack for infusing retro styles into its homewares (they also make turntables, wooden storage crates, and more blast-from-the-past designs). Proof that this set is perfect for a porch or patio, its weather resistant and coated in a non-toxic powder, plus it’s UV and fade resistant so it will retain its vibrant high gloss hue over time. And reviewers attest to it being easy to assemble—one 5-star purchaser who skipped the included wrench used a ratchet and socket to complete the job in 40 minutes (more time for lounging!). Others say the chairs are comfortable and stable, but perhaps the best compliment of all comes from one patron who loves the vintage look but claims the design is “better than grandmas.”

Patio furniture can be quite expensive, but the Crosley set is currently $227.96 or 41 percent off its original price. If you’re anywhere close to your quarterly nostalgia shopping limit, do your inner child a favor and consider making room on the list for this charming set. 

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