Massive shelves play an important role in homes—they hold precious literature collections, mementos, and objets d’art, serve as impressive selfie backdrops, anchor a room’s aesthetic, and in some cases, hide messy paint jobs. Despite all of this, I still have a deeper appreciation for smaller storage and display options. Aside from the fact that big, hulking shelving systems personally feel imposing, I’m pretty sure there’s a feng shui principle that can back up this overwhelming sensation I’m describing. Besides, my living quarters have generally been scarce on square footage, so lots of open space is a must—this applies to floors, ceilings, the inches that separate the window sill and the floor, and obviously, walls. If any of these quirks resonate, maybe you will be drawn to this Blu Dot Open Plan Bookcase. 

Blu Dot Open Plan Bookcase

For starters, it’s solid wood, it’s not gargantuan, and boasts a simple yet attractive design. It also helps that multiple people who own the bookcase swear it’s easy to assemble. As an impatient shopper and assembler, I was ready to click the buy button, but for the more thoughtful browser, there are other perks to consider.

The bookcase comes in two natural shades—walnut and white oak—which will hopefully reduce any decision-making angst and definitely blend with or tone down a room’s color scheme as needed. At 33 inches high, 68 inches wide, and 13 inches deep, the Blu Dot piece won’t overpower an apartment living area or bedroom but can still make a significant visual impression in a larger home. According to those who rated it an average 4.8 out of 5 stars, the shelf is well-made and sturdy, something anyone who’s ever owned a rickety alternative can surely appreciate. And while the Blu Dot Open Plan Bookcase isn’t the most brolic on the block, it apparently functions just as well as an entertainment center. Just like its taller cousin, its wood frame is equipped to support a decent amount of books, fancy vases, figurines, and even a TV on top. 

At just over $,1000, there’s certainly a bit of competition in the price category, but with an impressive chorus of pleased purchasers, along with Blu Dot’s modern aesthetic and attention to craftsmanship, this bookcase has all the makings of a timeless piece: a simple yet highly functional design, versatile, and built to last. 

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