“First of all, I love that these are called ~potions~. And let me say, I really liked this! The packaging makes it so it’s much easier to get three drops out than a traditional dropper would, and I’m very into that — but yes, three drops can get you full coverage. Since I’m not typically a full coverage girl, I started with one drop the first time I tried it out just to see how it performed. Using my fingers, I found that it spread easily and stayed glowy on one side of my skin… because I think my grippy primer was a little too grippy, latching onto that single drop with its entire life, so I wound up having to go in with a second. When I tried it out for the second time, I used a flat makeup brush and applied the foundation to my brush, and let me tell you: It was amazing. This feels a bit more like a skin tint to me than a traditional foundation, but with the coverage potentials of a traditional foundation. If you’re looking for something a bit lighter in texture and feel than Ilia Skin Serum (and without SPF), I think you’ll love this.” 

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